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Residential – Cleaning of  Ventilation Ducts

We hear constantly about the quality of outdoor air, but what about the quality of the air we breathe inside our homes or at work? In most cases, this air is more harmful to your health than outdoor air.

Nowadays, houses are more and more air tight, reducing natural ventilation. This means that the air that is in your home has to pass through the ducts of an air exchange, air conditioning or heating system before they reach you.

In winter, when you keep all the windows closed, the air you breathe comes mainly from these ducts.

Why should you clean your ducts every 3-5 years?

You can imagine what it is like in a duct through which air flows for years without cleaning … The dust and debris accumulate and promote the spread of fungi and microorganisms that contaminate the air in your home.

Even if you do not see the dirt that is in the air ducts, they can be very dangerous for your health and that of your family.

Therefore duct cleaning is an important part of maintaining your property. In order to perform effective cleaning, you have to deal with professionals.

Why AIR TECH 2001?

Place your trust in Air Tech 2001 and you’ll breathe easier than ever before.

We specialize in duct cleaning and we offer a comprehensive service of the highest quality. We know exactly when and how to clean to clean the different air ducts in your home.

The experts at Air Tech 2001 will advise you on duct cleaning that is required for you. We have all the necessary equipment and expertise to perform an in-depth cleaning of all your ducts without damaging your ventilation system.

At Air Tech 2001, we are pleased to help make your life healthier