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A few reasons to choose Air Tech 2001


We have been in business since 2001.

We use equipment at the cutting edge of technology.

Our process is efficient and safe.

Our team of qualified professionals has many years of experience and expertise in the field of ventilation.

We do NOT use subcontractors.

We specialize only in duct cleaning. We are a leader in the maintenance and cleaning whether it be residential, commercial or institutional. We have a solid reputation for providing a professional customer service.


Serving the greater Montreal area, Air Tech 2001 offers comprehensive maintenance and air duct cleaning service of all types of ventilation systems.

Leader in maintenance and air duct cleaning, whether it be residential, commercial, or institutional, you can trust Air Tech 2001 to provide professional quality service.

Our mission: Educate and raise awareness of the importance of cleaning air ducts for a better quality of life in our homes, office buildings, condominiums and apartments.



Are your tenants complaining that their dryers take much longer to dry their clothes than usual? Your tenants complain that they receive moisture or odors from their neighbors when they use their dryers?

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The specialists at AIR TECH 2001 use a compressed air nozzle system and high efficiency dust collectors, to safely clean even fragile flexible ducts.

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Cleaning Process

At AIR TECH 2001, we use the Suction Friction Pressure Method. This is currently the most effective method for a thorough cleaning of air ducts. Here are the steps.


The ducts to be cleaned are placed under negative pressure by means of an external HEPA dust collector for removing the residue and dislodged dust.


Using specialized brushes and whips to remove dust and contaminates from inside all duct surfaces


Using high efficiency compressor to generate air pressure to push dislodged residue towards dust collector.