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Commercial clothes dryer duct cleaning

Commercial dryer ducts are conducive to heavy lint buildup. The dryer ducts in laundries or commercial buildings are conducive to the accumulation of lint.

Some facilities are designed effectively and others less. The necessity of cleaning frequency will vary from one building to another.

Some of the factors to consider are:

  • the length of pipes in buildings,
  • the slope to reach the roof,
  • the number of connected dryer ducts,
  • and of course usage.

Duct cleaning of Commercial Dryers made affordable

We at Air Tech 2001 can help you in maintaining your different systems which will maximize your operation and reduce your costs.

Cleaning dryer ducts allows the removal of lint in the ducts to thereby ease the evacuation of the humidity outside of the building.

This is why it is important to have a dryer vent cleaning performed in your business by a professional. It can improve dryer function, reduce utility bills, and reduce the risk of fire.

Yes, a dryer vent cleaning can actually help to improve the safety of your investment and save you money!

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