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Cleaning of commercial ventilation systems

The quality of indoor air has become a major environmental issue. In recent years, the number of complaints on this issue has increased significantly and it gradually as the buildings became more airtight.

As in most office buildings to private homes is in ventilation, heating and air conditioning that accumulates large amount of contaminant.

In addition to greatly harm your health (respiratory problems, asthma, allergies, colds etc.) these contaminants unbalance the circulation of air and thus increase energy costs.

How to remedy this?

A complete and guaranteed cleaning at Air Tech 2001, every three years and voila.

Air Tech 2001, is convinced that no other contractor provides such a combination on the quality, price and performance.

Our company is recognized among several contractors heating / air conditioning and built for excellent service and superior cleaning, our staff is highly trained and no work as hard as us, which provide us more satisfaction 99% to close to our customers.

We will offer you nothing less than fast, efficient service at any point seen.

By using our services, you automatically go to the company that has the best reputation in its field.

We hope we will have the pleasure of serving you soon.