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Apartment Building Dryer Duct Cleaning

Are your tenants complaining about their clothes dryers?

  • Your tenants complain that their dryers take much longer to dry their clothes than usual?
  • Your tenants complain that they receive moisture or odors from neighbours when they dry their clothes?

Are you the owner of an income property?

If you own an income property, condo, or house, it is important to clean the ducts of dryers.

It is imperative to have them cleaned by professionals who are equipped with cutting edge equipment.

Avoid using sticks or hand made brushes for this kind of cleaning, as they push the problem further in and may damage the piping and leave you with even more problems.

Why do dryer ducts need cleaning?

The lint filter in the dryer captures about 80% of the lint produced by drying laundry; the other 20% is piled up in the duct from the dryer after each cycle of use.

Changes in outdoor temperatures, combined with the heat generated by the equipment (operating mode), will contribute to cause condensation in the pipes of the dryer.

Thus, with every drying cycle, the situation is repeated causing the narrowing of the drying duct to the complete obstruction if nothing is done to correct the situation.

The consequences of not cleaning the dryer ducts are:

  • Power consumption double or triple to dry clothes that remain damp.
  • Premature wear of clothes dryers that work longer.


The longer your dryer duct is, the more there are bends and rises the more there are risks that the dryer lint remains in the pipe and blocks the pipe.

At Air Tech 2001 we specialize in dryer duct cleaning. We have the required equipment to do the job, regardless of the type of building you have.

Cleaning dryer ducts allows the removal of lint in the ducts to thereby ease the evacuation of the humidity outside of the building. The moisture discharge, overheating dryers and fires are the main risk factors that we can prevent.

Bird nests, which could obstruct the air, sometimes causing fires because the dryer will overheat.

The duct obstruction of your dryer is a fire risk, easily preventable. Blocked lint filters are the leading cause of dryer fires.

Please note that it is recommended by the Fire Service and by insurance companies to periodically clean the ducts to prevent fires.

The maintenance of condominium buildings is one of many issues that directors and managers have to deal with.

Do not hesitate to trust the experts of the Air Tech 2001 for the cleaning different ventilation systems of your building; Dryer ducts, the bathroom fan ducts, air exchangers, and the common area ventilation systems.