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Cleaning of Clothes Dryer Ducts & Air Ducts in Condos

Managers and owners of condominium (multi-unit) buildings and / or rental properties, have a multitude of elements to maintain to ensure the integrity of the buildings and occupant safety.

Proper & regular cleaning of all the condo’s ventilation ducts must be a consideration

The dryer exhaust ducts

Cleaning dryer vents every 3 years will prevent accumulations that impede evacuation and prevent the dryer from overheating and fire hazards. When lint is clogging a dryer duct, your building is at risk of fire. Cleaning the dryer outlets prevent fires and keeps the operation of your dryer efficient.

Did you know that between 2010 and 2014, there were twenty-seven (27) fires? The source of heat was the dryer and that the cause of 6 of these fires is directly linked to poor maintenance of the device and the ducts. Monetary damage amounted to over $ 145,000.00 for the six (6) events only.

– Source: Fire Commissioner in Quebec

Reasons a dryer takes time longer to dry:

  • The exhaust pipe of your dryer is over fifteen feet?
  • Have you replaced the blower of the dryer or the heating element?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your dryer must be unclogged or cleaned.

Bird grids

A regular check of the state of the grid (attachment and accumulation) is required.

Installed on the external vents or under the soffit vents, these grids prevent the intrusion of critters in the ducts but can accumulate lint and obstruct the grid.

The moisture buildup can therefore cause the dryer to overheat and set a fire. It must not be overlooked the fact that the moisture stays in the building and in the long term, can create serious problems to the structure.

Suggested Condo Duct Cleaning Frequency:

  • Dryer ducts, 4 years;
  • Bathroom vents, 4 years;
  • Air exchange units, 3 years;
  • Heating & air conditioning ducts, 3-5 years;
  • Common area ventilation, swimming pools area and others, 3 years.